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<br />.,. <br /> <br />J <br /> <br />:",~'; <br /> <br />.",. ~ <br />-- <br /> <br />~ <br />...:....rr. <br /> <br />ORJtI~\A~~Q:E 1.~0.540." <br /> <br />A"');\ ORJj)I11A1iOJ:, a,proving and contirming the assessment and the <br />af',sessment r(}~l certified to the Oity Council &n the 2nd day e1' <br /> ,-1924,bY the streets and A~leys Committeeand the 11ty <br />:mtrgineer for the costs of the improvement in Local Inr,provement <br />~istriot ~o.69 in the City of AUburn, in ,ursuanoe ot Ordinance <br />-ge..!7];3 Jassed March -1-8,.1924,and providing ter the diSIt.sition .t <br />moneys c.~lected on said assessment. <br /> <br />Whereas dUe notioe haS been given that "'J.~tions to the assess- <br />ment and assessment ro~J: hereinatter mentioned WGuld be heard ad. <br />considered by tIle City CGunc1l at the City Hall,AUbum,Washingten, <br />en the 7th cSay ot octeber,l' 8 oJ cloek P.M:. ,at W'hiCh time <br />the City aouncil would meet to hear and Objections or any <br />and all persons claiming to be aggrieVed by said assessment; and <br /> <br />Whereas the time for f1-ling Objections Qr taking an a])peaa baS <br />Jassed and no Objections thereto have been so fi~ed; and <br /> <br />Whereas the a i ty a cuneil has aaretul:Ly examined and considered <br />suCh assessment and assessment roll and is n~ fu~1y advised in <br />the premises;, <br /> <br />"'f.OW, THERDOU, TEl1 CITY COU"J::ICIL OJ n-IJ: CI~ OJ AUBUR'~1 :10 OBIAI~ <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />section~. ~t the assessment and assessment ro~l certitied t. <br />the City Council on the -2nd. day.t Se"'Ptember, f -1924,bY the stree1B <br />and Alleys Committee andCITy J:ngineer ot the City ot AUburn tor <br />the costs ot the improvement ot all tnat ,ortiGn ot L street S.~.. <br />1n." the G-ity ~ *U~ .-.1 tu~te be1ilJeen~.J4i.\.111 ~ t.L..~ ~~t and the <br />right or way of the 1;\orthern pacitio Ratlway 0 8IllJanY ~ <br />by grading, paving and cUrbing said portion ot L street S .:1. and <br />bY the construction in said portion ot L street S.:E.,-.n beth sides <br />thereof,.t concrete and cement Sidewa-lkS,and by the doing of .ther <br />work 1neidenta~ thereto, constituting Local ImJrevement ~istrtet <br />110.69 in the City ot AUburn, in laursuanoe of Ordinance ~O.5r1:3 .:t <br />said City ot AUburn Jassed Maroh "18,"1:924,and the -levy and charge <br />of the cost fit said imprevement as Shewn upon said assessment r.1:l. <br />and therebY apportioned uPQn the adjoining, contiguous and a:pprox- <br />imate ,lots and parcelS ot .land speciaJ:ly benefited, in acoordanee <br />wi th the -laws of the S tate .t wash1I11ton and Ordinance -go..5l3 ot <br />the City ot AUburn,are hereby apJreved and confirmed in al.l re- <br />sJscts,and the Oity Treasurer is hereby directed to collect said <br />assessment WhiCh may be paid without interest,pena1ty o~ <br />witl11n 30 daye after due notioe Shall have been given to the .-- <br />ere of the property within said assessment distriot by pU~liea- <br />tion in the manner provided by -J,;aw,and it said assessments be net <br />,aid within said 30 days tr.m the date 01' the first JU~l'icati.n <br />ot said notice the same sha~l bear interest thereatter at the <br />rate 01' 7 per cent per annum.. <br />Section 2. TIle moneys oOl-JLected,!f.]lon said assessment,approved <br />by tllis ordinance, are hereby order ^ to be placed in Local Improve- <br />ment FUnd,~istrict ~..69,the special tund created by Ordinance ~.. <br />.513,8.11'.1 all warrants drawn and bondS issued tor the payment ot <br />said improvement Shall be issued en and payable only Gut or said <br />improvement fund. <br />. <br />Section 3- ThiS Qrdinance shal.l take effect and be in teNe <br />five days from and after its passage,apJreval and JUblioation <br /> <br />,. ..... ~ - . ..... . <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />