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<br />~--:.~.- <br /> <br />.. <br />~- .. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />.... , <br /> <br />ordinance ~G.5~1. <br /> <br />A\~ ORDll\A:t~CE, a]?JrQVing and confirming tIle assessment and the <br />assessmentrol-l cer~itied to the City Council, on the 2nd day .t <br />seJtember,1924,bY tne streets anc1 Al-leys Committee and City J1ng1- <br />neer f~r the costs ot the improvement in Local Imprevement :Dis- <br />trict ~Q.70 in the City of AUburn, in pursuance of Ordinance ~.. <br />514 passed. March -l8,'1924,and prQVic11ng fer trle disJesition of men- <br />eys cGl.lected. en said assessment.. <br /> <br />Whereas due notice haS been given tbat objections to the as- <br />sessment and assessment rol-l. hereinafter ment10ned weulc1 be heard <br />and. cons1d.ered bY tIle C1ty Oeunc1l at the Oity Ha-11,AUburn,WaSh- <br />ington,on the 7th day of october,1924,at a, olclock Which <br />t1me tIle City Council would meet to hear ap}>>eals and Objections <br />fif any and all ]Jersons c.J.a1ming to be aggrieved by sa1d assess- <br />ment; and <br /> <br />Whereas the time tor fi11ng object1ons or tak1ng an a:@Jeal <br />has passed and no Objections thereto have been so tiled; and <br /> <br />Whereas the 0 i ty Oouncil has caretu-l-ly examined and considered <br />such assessment and assessment roll and is now ful'ly adv1sed 1n <br />the premises; <br /> <br />~OW, T.J:mRJ:FORJ1, TH:J: CITY OOtJ's;'IOIL OF !rHB: eIrY OF AUBUit.\.1 :10 OR- <br />:DA.r~1 AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />sect1on~. That the assessment anc1 assessment roll cert1fied te <br />t11e Oity Oouncil en the 2nd day ot se:ttember,'1924, by the streets <br />and Alleys Oomm1ttee and C1ty :Engineer fit the City ot AUburn t.r <br />the costs .t the 1mprovement .t all that port1on ot ~ street ~... <br />in the C1ty ot AUburn situate between Ma1n street :last and leeend <br />street ~.~. by grad1ng,Jav1ng and curb1ng said :portion of ~ street <br />~.E. and. bY constructing 1n said :portion of ~ street ~.~.,en both <br />sides thereof, concrete anc1 cement S1dewalkS,and bY the do1ng ot -.. <br />other work incidenta'l thereto,constitut1ng Local: Improvementl\~.~ <br />70,in the C1ty ot AUburn, in pursuance of Ordinance ~G.51~ ot sa1d <br />Oity ot AUburn passed Maroh '18,'1921J.,and the levy and cbarge ot <br />tIle cost ot said 1m])rovement as Sl10WIl upon said assessment ro'l-l <br />and therebY apportimed upon the adjoining, cont1guouS and aJproxi- <br />mate lots and :parcelS ot .land speciallY benet1 ted, 1n accordanoe <br />with tneJars ot the state of WaShington an(\ ordinance 1\e.51Jf. or <br />tIle City ot AUburn,are hereby all:Proved and confirmed in all re- <br />spects,an(\ tIle city !rreasurer 1S hereby directed. to COllect said <br />ass~ssmant Which may be pa1d without interestJJena~ty or CGsts <br />w1tllin 30 dayS after due not1c,9 Shall been given to the lRn- <br />erS of the property w1thin sa1(\ assessment district by pUb~1oati.n <br />1n the manner prOVided bylaW', and 1f sa1d assessments be not ,aid <br />w1 tllin sa1d 30 daYS fr(iiID. the oats ot the first ,Ub-lioation ot said <br />not1oe the same Shall bear interes t thereafter at the rate .t 7 <br />:per cent ]ler annum. <br /> <br />section 2. Tl'le moneys collected upon said assessment, approved <br />bY thiS ordinance,are hereby or1ere(\ to be placed in Local <br />mant FUnd,Distr1ct ~o.70,the spec1al fund created by Ordinance ~o. <br />.514, and all warrants drawn and bon~ issued for t:ne payment of said <br />1miJrovement s:nall be 1ssued on an(\ payable only Qut of said im- <br />Jrovement fund. <br /> <br />section 3- !rhiS ordinance s:nall take &a effect &1(\ be in force <br />five days trom and after its passags,approval and pUb~1cation as <br /> <br />