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<br />. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />t ""4 <br /> <br />,. <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />.... -: <br /> <br />ORJr.,; l~O. 542. <br /> <br />A\1 ORDI1:i.A:~OE,a})proving anli confirming the assessment and the <br />assessment roll certified to tIle Oity Oouncil- on the 2nd day ot <br />seratember,1924, by the streets and Alleys Committee and Oity :mng1- <br />near for the costs or the improvement in Local Improvement >>is... <br />trict \10.7'1 in the 01ty of AUburn, in pursuance ot Ordinance ~.. <br />515 passed. Harch -18,'1924,and providing tor the diSpOSition of <br />moneys collected. on said assessment. <br /> <br />Whereas due notice nas been given that Objections to the as- <br />sessment and assessment rol-l hereinafter mentiGned would. be <br />hgard and conSidered by tbe City Oouncll at the City Hall,Auburn, <br />Washington,on the 7th day or october,1924,at 8 CPc-lock p.M.,at <br />Wllich time tIle City Council would meet to hear appealS and objec- <br />tiens ot any and all persons Claiming to be aggr1eved by said as- <br />sessment; and <br /> <br />Whereas the time tor tiling Objections or tak1ng an appeal <br />nas passed and no Objections thereto have been so tlled; and <br /> <br />Wllereas tIle City Council has caratul-ly examined and cons1der- <br />ed such assessment and assessment roll and is tUlly adv1sed 1n <br />tIle premises; <br /> <br />l~OW, nmREFOR'E, ~Irm CITY COtTi\OIL OJ" TIm: CITY 0]' AUBUR11 :DO ORDAJ~ <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />section -1. ~nat the assessment and assessment roll certitied to <br />the City Counei"l on the 2nd day ot september,-l924, by tIle streets <br />and Alleys, Committee and City Engineer ot the City ot AUburn tor <br />the costs ot the improvement ot all that portion ot . street ~.~. <br />in the City of AUburn situate between 1~in street East and see.nd <br />street ~.~. by grading,Javing and curbing said portion ot 0 street <br />~.~. and by construoting in said Jortion ot 0 Street ~.E.,on bGth <br />sides th~reot, conerete and cement sidewalkS,and by the doing or <br />other work incidental therete,eonstituting Local Impro~~ment ~1s- <br />trict ~'Sio. 7-1 in the city ot AUburn, in pursuance ot Ordinance 1\0. <br />515 of said City ot AUburn passed MarCh U3,l924.and th8levy and <br />Charge ot the cost of said improvement as Shown upon said assess- <br />ment roll and therebY a~portioned upon the adjoining, contiguous <br />and approximate lots and parcelS otland special-1y benefited, in <br />accordance with the laws ot the state ot WaShington and Ordinance <br />1~Q.515 ot the City ot AUburn, are hereby approved and confirmed <br />in all respects, and the City ~reasurer is hereby directed to co~ <br />l~ct said assessment WhiCh may be paid without interest,pena~ty <br />or costs! wi thin 30 days after :!ue notice Shall have been given to <br />the owners ot the property wi tll1n said assessment district by pUb- <br />lication in the manner Jrovlded. by law', and if said assessments be <br />not paid within said 30 days from the date of the tirst pUblica- <br />tiQn st said nGt1ce the same Shall bear interest thereafter at the <br />rate .r 7 ~r cent Jer annum. <br /> <br />section 2. The moneys coll~cted upon said assessment, approved <br />by tillS ordinance,are hereby ordered. to be placed in Local Im:pr.v&- <br />ment FUnd, District ~~o. 7-1, the Special fund created. by ordinanoe 110. <br />5l5,and all warrants drawn and b<<lds issued for the payment ot <br />sai d improvement snall be issued. on and payable only out Gt sal d <br />improvement fund. <br /> <br />section 3. ThiS ordinance Shall talee effect and be in force <br />fiv.~ d.ays from an:! after its passage, approval and pUb-11ca.tion as <br /> <br />