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<br />... <br /> <br />" <br />~ <br /> <br />...., <br />':W' . <br /> <br />"100 <br /> <br />..c: <br /> <br />ORlUl~1~J: ~0.-543. <br /> <br />A'\~ ORJU~M.\~"E, approving and confirming tlle assessment and the <br />assessment roll certified. to the City Counci':l en the 2nd day et <br />SeJtember,1924, by t11e streets and Alleys Cormnittee and City J:ngi- <br />near tor the costs ot the improvement in Local Improvement >>istrict <br />1~t3. 72 in the City of AUburn, in pursuance ot ordinance ~G...52l; :pass- <br />ed ~X I S .....-1924,and Jroviding for the diSpOSition ot mon- <br />eys~ected on said assessment. <br /> <br />Whereas dUe notioe haS been given that objectiG!lS to the assess- <br />ment and assessment rG)l-l hereinafter mentioned would be heard and <br />considered by the City council at the City Hal-l,AUbUrIl, washington, <br />on the 7th day of october,-l924,at 8 oJclock p.K.,at WhiCh time the <br />City council would meet to hear appealS and Objections of any al24 <br />all persons claiming to be aggrieved by said assessment; and <br /> <br />Whereas the time for filing object1.o~ or taking an aJPea-l haS <br />passed and no Objections the:ceto have~'tiled; and <br /> <br />Whereas the Oity council, has caretu-lly examined and considered <br />such aasessment and assessment rol-:l and is now tully ad.vised in <br />the premises; <br /> <br />1?iOW, TBJEREFORJ:, TILE CITY COu~1CIL 0]' THECI T"l OF Au:aUltsl :DO ORlAI1~ <br />AS l'OLLOWS: <br /> <br />section -1. That the assessment and assessment rG:ll certitied to <br />the City council on the;!d day ot Se-'ptember,1924,bY the str. eets <br />and At1eys Committee anOity Engineer ot the City of AUburn for <br />the cp.osts ot the improv ent et all that pertion ef Firth street <br />S.E. in the City of AUburn Situate between l) street S.ll. and J' <br />street S .ll. by gra1111g,paVing and oUrbing said ).i/irtion Gf Firth <br />street s.~. and by constructing in said portion of Fifth street <br />S .ll. ~ on botll sides thereof, ooncrete and cement SidewalkS~ and by <br />the doing of other work incidenta~ thereto, constituting Im- <br />provement lUstrict '110.72, in tIle City of AUburn, in pursuanoe or <br />ordinance ~G.52-1' of said City of AUburn Jassed ~] , ~- .. ,_ <br />-1924, and the levy and charge ot the cost 0f safd111Jrevement as <br />Sh':wn upon said assessment rol-l and thereby apportioned. uJon the <br />adjoining,contiguous and apJreximatelots and parce~s of land <br />specially benefited, in accordanoe with the -laws of the state or <br />washington,and ordinance "'f\o.52-1 of t:'ile City of AUburn,are l".arebY <br />approved. and confirmed in all resliects,and the City Treasurer is <br />hereby directed to collect said assessment WhiCh may be paid with- <br />out interest, penalty or costs within 30 days atter dUe notioe <br />Shall have been given to tIle owners of the property within said <br />assessment district by pUblioation in the manner provided by au. <br />and it said assessments be not paid within said 30 ~ys tra.m the <br />date ot tIle first JUbllcation Qf said notioe the same Shall bear <br />1nterest thereafter at the rate of 7 :per cent per annum. <br /> <br />Section 2. The moneys collected uJan said assessment,aJprGved <br />by this ordinance, are hereby ordered to be placed in Local Imprwe- <br />mant FUnd,District ~o.72,the sJec~l fund oreated by ordinance ~.-. <br />521,and all warrants drawn and bondS issued tor the payment ot <br />said 1m}revement Shall be issued on and :@ayable only out or said <br />improvement fund. <br /> <br />Section 3. This ordinanc(3 Shall take effect and be in force <br />f1 ve days from and after its passage, p:@]lroVal and pUblicat10n as <br /> <br />