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<br />..- <br /> <br />~~- <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />., <br /> <br />ORDI1~YClC ~O.544." <br /> <br />A"); ORDrMl~:m approving and confirming the assessment and the <br />assessment 1'01'1 certitied to tile City Counvil Qn the 2nd day <br />of S8]ltember,1921J.,bY the streets and Alleys Oemmittee and Oity J:n- <br />gineer tor the costs at the imprevement in Local ImJrovement >>1s- <br />trict ~o. 7(3 in the Oity ot AUburn, in ]iursuance ot Ordinance lio. <br />522 passed ~ I ~- . .'1"921f.,and prOViding tor the diSllos1t1en <br />or moneys coIrlCte1 on said assessment. <br /> <br />Whereas {!ue not1ce has been g1ven t:nat Objections to the as- <br />sessment and assessment roll here1nafter ment1ened w&u'ld be heard <br />and considered by the City Counc1.1 at the City Hall,AUburn, Wash- <br />ington,on the 7th day ot october,~1-92Jf+,at g o.ol.Ok Wh10h <br />time the City Counc11 would meet to hear appealS and Objections <br />or any and a11 persons claiming to be aggrieved by said assess- <br />ment; and <br /> <br />Whereas the time ror ti'11ng Gbj ectiens er tak1ng an aJpea1 haS <br />pasSed and no Objections thereto have been so ri~ed; and <br /> <br />Whereas the City Council :nas caretu11Y exa.m1ned and considered <br />SUCh assessment and assessment 1'_1-1, and is now t'u:11y advised in <br />the prem1ses; <br /> <br />~aw, ~~FORll, TEll CITY C OU'{~OIL OF TIrE CITY OJ AU:SUR1~ :10 OlD.AI11 <br />AS FOLLOWS: <br /> <br />sectio.n~. !hat the assessment and assessment ro~l certit1ed <br />to tll,s City Councfl en the 2nd day 01' $Slttember,'1"921J..bY the streets <br />and A11eys Committee and Oity llng1neer 01' the City ot AUburn tflr <br />t:ne costs at the imprevement 01' all that portHm at second street <br />l~.:m. in the City at AUburn Situate between AUburn Avenue and the <br />east line produc~ southerly in a stra1ght ~ine or Lot ~~ in <br />BlOCk H,Condict Addition to AUburn,bY and ]laving said <br />portion 01' seoond street ~.~.,and by the doing ot other work in- <br />oidental thereto,oonstitut1ng Local Improvement :G.:tat':iot ~G. 7'3 <br />1n the City or AUburn,in Jursuance ot Ordinance ~o.522 or said <br />City ot AUburn passed C:'\-'''''- \ \: ~~ il'l-924,and the ,levy and <br />charge or tlle cost ot saitl 1mJrovement as Shown upon said assess- <br />ment r.l'J.; and therebY apportioned upon the adjoining, c</)ntiguous <br />and a~Gpr.ximatelots and parcelS 01' ,land special'J.;y benetited,1n <br />accordance with the Jaws of the state 01' Wash1nct.n and Ordinance <br />110.522 </)1' tIle City 01' AUburn,are hereby a~prGVed and contirmed in <br />all respeotS,and the City ~easurer is herebY d1rected to coJ:1eet <br />said assessment Which may be paid without 1nterest,penalty or <br />costs within 30 days after due notioe Sha11 have been given to the <br />ownerS 01' the property within said assessment district by JUbJ:1oa- <br />tion in the manner prev1ded by 'laW,anc1 it said assessments be <br />not paid within said 30 days front the date ot tile tirst pUb1ica- <br />ti.n ot said notice the same sball bear interest thereafter at <br />the rate ot 7 per cent Eer annum. <br /> <br />section 2. The moneys col-lected upon said assessment, appreved <br />bY thiS ordinanoe,are hereby ordered to be placed in Local Impreve- <br />ment FUnd,District ~o.13,the special fund created by ordinance <br />~o.522,and all warrants d.rawn and bondS issued tor the payment .t <br />said improvement Shall be issued en and payable only out at sai1- <br />improvement tund., <br /> <br />S action 3. This ordinance Shall take effect and be in toree <br />five days from cmd after its passage, a},;proVal and JUb1ioation <br /> <br />