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<br />, : ~ <br />- r <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />.. ~. <br /> <br />, <br /> <br />4_ .-.,. <br /> <br />o R :D I -~ A ~ OJ: 1"\ 0 . .54.5. <br /> <br />..-.---.-.-.-.-.-. <br />........ <br /> <br />A-;j ORDI1\K~1C:B::,roviding tor the laying ott, opening, extend1ng <br />&ld establiShing ot Second street S.~. between :D street S.~. and <br />o street S.ll.,all in the city 01' AUburn; prOViding for the condem,.. <br />nation, appropriation, taking and <1a.m&cing of land and other :pr~- <br />erty theretor,and tor the ascertainment and ,ayment of just com- <br />lensat10n to be made therefor; and providing that the entire COlts <br />ot said improvement, exce)t compensation tor legal serv1eeSShal.J; <br />be })aid, on the immediate payment jtlan, by sJecial assessmen~s assess- <br />ed upon property special-ly benefited, in the manner ,rovlded by <br />-law., and reJeal1ng Ordinance ~o.531f.. <br /> <br />WHER:B:AS,'PUblic neceSSity and convenience demand that the pro,- <br />erty,property rights an.d }1rivtleges herein specit1ed be condemned, <br />aJJroJr1ated, taken and. damaged tor the purgoses herein set torth, <br />and <br /> <br />Whereas, such improvement w11-1 be ot special benetit to said <br />landS,premises and other Jroperty; ~ow, theretore, <br /> <br />The City Oounc11 ot the City of AUburn do or~1n as tol-1ClWS: <br /> <br />Section -1. That second. streft S.ll. in the city at AUburn,as <br />the same is specit1ed. and defi.d by Ordinance -~o.38'" ot the or- <br />dinances of the city of AUburn,passed and approved June 21,1920, <br />as said 8econd street S.ll. now exists east at ~ street 8.11. in <br />said city, be, and t11e same is hereby laid oft,opened"extended and <br />establiShed tram :D street S.:I.. to 0 street S.ll.,all in the City <br />of AUburn,;over, upon and across the tollowing described -lets, bl:GekS, <br />tracts or parcelS otlandly1ng and being situated in the City .t <br />AUburn,County ot King,State at Vvashingtan,and more Jart:Lcula:r~ <br />described as tOllowa,to-wit: - <br /> <br />Lot numbered torty-cm.e (11-1) in R1verview Addition to <br />AUburn,King Caunty,Wash1ngton; <br /> <br />Alao all that certain tract or parcel at land situate <br />between 0 street S.ll. in the C1ty of AUburn and Lot <br />numbered torty-one (4-1;) in Riverview Addition to Au- <br />burn,King county, Washington,particularly bounded and describ- <br />ed as tollows,to~t: beg1zUl1ng at the northwest corner of <br />said Lot ~~;running thence westerlY along the norther-ly <br />.line ot said -lot produced weat,er-lW to the easter-J.;y -line <br />ot 0 street S .ll.;: thence south QO !f.0' 301t east along the <br />easterly line ot 0 street S.ll. to an intersection with <br />southerly line ot said Lot lIr-l preduced wester-J;y; thence <br />easterly along said ,line prOduced to the southWest oor- <br />ner of said Lot Jl.l-; thence norther-ly along the wi9ster-ly <br />,line at said Lot 1J..l to the point 01' beginn1ngts&ntQ!ii1:&8 <br />8_ 21 t.,me:re or leI..... <br /> <br />Seotion 2. ~at all thelandS,property"ro,erty rights, rights, <br />privileges and other property described in section 1: hereet be. <br />and the same hereby are,herebY declared necessary, and the same be, <br />and tl1ey are, hereby o Qmdemned, appropriated, damaged and taken bY <br />the City ot AUburn, tor the purlloses set forth in this ordinance. <br />after just compensation having first been made or paid into OGurt <br />tor the QWIler8 thereof.. <br /> <br />section 3. That the entire cost ot the 1mJrovament, exceptcOJa- <br />Jensation tor ~egal services,provided tor herein Shal~ be paid on <br />tlle immediate payment plan and solely by s:.eo1a1 assessment upon <br />the property speciaJ.;.1y benetited,1n tlle manner provided ~ -law, <br /> <br />f <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />