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<br />. <br /> <br />"" <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />OR:DI1J.A l~C:m ~O ...546 .. <br /> <br />------.---- <br />. . . . . . <br /> <br />Al~ ORDrL\A11C:I: providing for the im])rovement ot that "Oortion <br />of C street 11.W. situate between Main street West and ril1rd street <br />11.W..)ot tnat port1on of :J street ~.W. s1tuate between :Ma1n street <br />West and Th1rd street ~.W.,and ot that portion of Th1rd street ~. <br />\V.situate between the west mariinal11ne of the Tacoma-Beatt1e <br />r1gl:1t ot way of t:r~e \':orthern !e.c1t1c Ra1lway OomJany and :D street <br />:si.W.,al;l in the City ot AUburn,bY t11e grad.1ng,pav1ng and curb1ng <br />of all of said portions or said streets,and the doing ot SUch oth- <br />er work as Shall be necessary,all accord1ng to the plans and s:pec- <br />1t1eat1.118 on file with the G1ty Cl.erk a.nd 1a a.G~ordanOe with the <br />resolution of 1ntention providing tor Loeal ImJrovement Jl)istr1ct <br />:sio..80; approving and adopting sa1d plans and spec1fications; crea- <br />ting Local ImJrovement JUstr1ct ~o.80 and Local Improvement :&'U.rl4. <br />~istr1ct ~o.80; provid1ng tor the assessment of the cost and ex- <br />Jense ot SUCh improvement upon the property ot said distr1et;: and <br />providing tor the ~a~nent thereof by bondS ot said' distr1ct. <br /> <br />The City Council of the C1ty ot AUburn do orc1a1n as tolloWS: <br /> <br />section ,1. That all tnat portion ot C street ~.W. situate be- <br />tween Main street West and !h1rd street ~.W.)all tnat portion ot <br />>> street ~.W. s1tuate between Main street West and Th1rd street <br />~.W.)and all tnat portion ot Third street ~.w. situate between <br />the west margin.a111ne ot the Tacoma-seattle right ot way ot the <br />~orthern pacit10 Railway Company and :J street ~.W.,all in the <br />City ot AUburn, be im:preved by gradlng"aving and curb1ng said <br />Jortions et C street ~.W.,>> street ~.W. and Third street ~.w., <br />and the doing ot SUCh other work as Shall be necessary to proJ:- <br />er-ly comJlete said 1mprovement; all according to the ,-lanS and <br />sJec1t1cations tor said 1mJrovement :preJared by the C1ty :Jq1- <br />neer and now on t11e in the ott1"e ot the Oity '''lark.and 1n ac- <br />oordanc,g with the rese-lut1on ot intentlon Jrov1ding tor Local <br />Improvement :Jistr1et ~o.80 passed by the C1ty Qounc1.1 on sept__ <br />ber -1-6,a.(]2Jf.. <br /> <br />sect10n 2. ~t the ~l-ans and specit1oat1ons tor said 1mJre"8- <br />ment JreJared by the 01 ty :In&1neer and now on tile in the .Utee <br />et the Oity (J-lark be,and the same hereby are,aJJreVed and adoJt- <br />ed. <br /> <br />Seot1on ,_ That the cost and ex:pense or sa1d imJreTem.ent,1ne-l1a4- <br />111& all neeessary and 1noldenta-l 8X}en8es. Sball be borne by and <br />assessed acainSt the Jro,arty ineluded 1n the assess.nt d1str1et <br />here1natter created according to -laW. The C1ty ot AUburn Shal:J; not <br />be -llable in any m;a:rm-er tor any :port1on ot the cost and ex,pense ot <br />sa1d 1IQrGvement 8XCeJt as here1n :prov1ded.. <br /> <br />Section Jf.. ~t there 1S hereby estab11shed a Loca-l Im:r;rovement <br />lustr1et to be called Loca.l Improvement >>1str1ct ~o.8G. Wh1ch said <br />d1str1ct is descr1bed as t.J;~: <br />"Allot the Jro,erty between the termin1 ot those ,or- <br />t10ns ot said streets Jro,posed to be 1mlroVed as atore- <br />sa1d and on eaCh s1de there.t ,abuttlng UJon,adJaoent. V1- <br />cinal or Jraximate t. suCh ,ort1ons ot sa1d streets to a <br />distancs back trem the marcina-l -l1nes thereot aa Jrov1ded <br />bY 'law." <br /> <br />ie-otlen ;'. 'mat said 1InJrovement sbal.-l be made by the 01ty ot <br />AUburn under the sUJervision ot the 01ty Oouno1-1 thereof or sueh <br />committee or Jersons as tile City Cwno1-l may des1gnate. <br /> <br />section 6. That there is hereby estab-11shed 1n the treasury .r <br />tIle City ot AUburn a tund to be known as "Local ImJrovement :ruM, <br />Jaistrict ~G.80u ;tnat all moneys pa1d 1nto the treasury ot the 11ty <br />~ <br />e"t AUburn on account ot the cost and expense .t 1m;prevements in <br /> <br />r <br /> <br />