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<br />.... <br />/'- <br /> <br />.~--- <br /> <br />c""~'I' . <br /> <br />OUI-'11O:I 1~O.547. <br /> <br />. -" -. -. -. -. <br />. .. . . . . <br /> <br />A1:.1 ORDIY\A~QE: Jroviding for the improvement of that JE>rtien of <br />:Ii' street ~.W. situate between Main street west and the south b.~ <br />&try 'lin.e of Let -~3 in BloCk A of LunnJ S Garden ~racts t Q AUburn <br />washington, all in the City of AUburn, by the grading"aving and ' <br />cUrbing of all of said portion ot said street,and the doing at <br />Such other work as Shall be necessary, all according to the ~lanS <br />and sJecifications on file with the City C-lark and in accortUlnee <br />wi th the resolution er!intention Jroviding for Loca'l Improvement <br />District ~o.&l; a,prov1ng and adopting said ~lans and sJecitica- <br />tiens; creating Local Improvement >>istrict $O.&l; creating Lo~l <br />Improvement JUnd,~istrict ~G.8~; providing for the assessment sf <br />the oost and expense of suCh improvement upon the ,roperty ot said <br />district; and providing tor the payment thereot by bondS at said <br />district. <br /> <br />The City Council ot the City ot AUburn do ordain as followS: <br /> <br />Section -1. nlat all that :portion of :Ii' street l\'\.W. situate be- <br />tween l~in street west and the south boundary line of Lot -13 1n <br />Block A of LunnlS Garden Tracts to AUburn,all in the City at Au- <br />burn. be imprfaved. by the grading, }laving and curbing ot allot said <br />Jortion ot F street ~.W.,and the doing at such other work as Shal~ <br />be necessary to ~}roJerly complete said 1Irrprovement ;all accordinc <br />to the plans and specifications for said improvement prepared by <br />the City :mngineer and now on tile in the ottloe of the City a-lerk, <br />and in accor~nce with the resolution of intention Jroviding tor <br />Local Improvement >>istrlot $0.&1- passed by the City Counci-l on SeJ- <br />tember -16.:1924. <br /> <br />Secti&n 2. ~t the ~lans and sJecitication ffir said 1mJlrQV~ <br />ment :prepared. by the City :lng1neer and now on tile in the oftice <br />of the City Clerk be.and the same hereby are, approved and adopted. <br /> <br />Section 3. That the cost and expense et said imJrove.ment,ine1Ud- <br />ing all necessary and incidental expenses) Shal-l be borne by and as- <br />sessed against the :property included in the assessment district here- <br />after created according to -laW. The City ot AUburn Sball not be -l-i- <br />able in 8.Jty manner for any portion at the cost and expense of said <br />improvement except as herein :provided.. <br /> <br />section 4. ~nat there is hereby estab~ishe1 a local improvement <br />district to be called Local ImJrQVement >>lstr1ct ~o.~1.Which said <br />district is described as foll.wS: <br />"All ot tl~ property between the termini of that Jortion ot <br />said. street Jroposed to 1)e improved as aforesaid and on eaCh <br />sid9 thereot,abutting UJon,a1jacent,vicinal or proximate t. <br />such portion at said street to a distance back from the mar- <br />ginallinesthereof as provided by -law. U <br /> <br />section 5. That said improvement Sball be made by the City of <br />AUburn under the supervisien of the C1 ty Council thereet er SUGh <br />cQmffiittee or Jersone as the City Council may desigllate. <br /> <br />Section 6. That there is hereby establishe1 in the treasury Gt <br />the City of AUburn a tund to -De known as "Local Improvement Fund, <br />District "'f.\o. 8-1 " ; that all moneys Jaid into the treasury of the . <br />City of AUburn on account at the cost and expense of improvements <br />in said 1istrict Shall be paid into and cre1ited to said fUnd,and <br />that all warrants drawn or issued by the City ot AUburn in payment <br />tor improvements in or expenses against said district Shall be <br />drawn upon and payable from said :t'und. <br /> <br />Section 7. :Eayrnent for said improvement Shall be made in the <br /> <br />