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<br />... <br /> <br />"t.. <br /> <br />, ~~ <br /> <br />.... <br /> <br />.- <br /> <br />j" <br /> <br />ORDI\~~C~ ~O.548. <br /> <br />.-.-.------ <br />. . . . . . <br /> <br />A)~ ORDIl1A1:1J~: Jroviding for the improvement of that }tortian <br />of G street 1"\.W.. situate between Main street West and the south <br />boun~rylines af Lots l]~ and 12 in Block A of Lunnt s Gard.en Traots <br />to AUburn"Washington,;all in tIle City of AUburn, by tIle grad1ng.Jav- <br />ing and curb1ng of all of said ~ortion of said street,and the ~- <br />ing of SUCh other work as Shall be necessary all acording to the <br />:plans and s~ecificatians on file with the City Clerk and in ae:oer- <br />1anc'~' with the resolution of intention providing for Local Im- <br />lrOVe!nent :Jistr1ct 1~(h82;approving and ado:pting said plan. and <br />s~clfications;creatinc; Local Improvement District ~o.82; creat1ng <br />Local ImJrGVement JUnd,:Jistrict ~o.g2;Jrov1ding for the assessment <br />of the cost and expense of suCh 1mj?rovement upon the proJerty ot <br />said district; and ~roviding for the payment thereof by bondS ot <br />sal d district.. <br /> <br />The City Council of the City of AUburn do ordain as follows: <br /> <br />Section ~. .That all that portion of G street ~.W. situate be- <br />tween Main street West and the SOUtl1 boundary lines ot Lotsll <br />and ,1.:2 in Block A of Lunn1 s Gard.en Tracts to AUburn, Washington, <br />all in the City of~Uburn, be imllroved by the gra1ing,~aving and <br />cUrbing of all of said Jortian of G street ~.W.,and the 40ing <br />of such other work as Shall be necessary to properly complete <br />said improvement; all according to the ,lans and s~ecifications <br />for said improvement Jre]fared. by the City Engineer and now an f1~e <br />in the office of the City ClBrk,and in accordance witll the resolu- <br />tion of intention Jroviding for Local Improvement :Jistr1ot ~0.82 <br />Jassed. by the City Council on se,tember -1-6,'l;92J4.. <br /> <br />Section 2. That the plans and specifications for said :Unllrove- <br />ment Jre~ared. by the City Engineer and now on file in the offioe <br />of the City ClerIc be,and the same hereby are,approved and adoJted.. <br /> <br />Section 3. That the cost and expense of said im~rovement, ino-1Ud- <br />ing all necessary and incidental expenses, snall be borne bY and as- <br />sessed against tIle proJerty inCluded. in the assessment district here- <br />inafter crelated according to law. The City of AUburn shall not be <br />'~le in any manner for any portion of the cost an'.! ex:Pense ~ <br />said. improvement except as herein ,rov1ded. <br /> <br />section 4. That there is hereby established. a local improvement <br />district to be called. Local Im~rovement District -~\o.82,W'hich sa1d <br />district is d.escribed as followS: <br />"All of the IJro}erty between the termini of that Jortion at <br />said street ,roposed to be improved as aforesaid and on eaOh <br />sid.e thereof,abutting u~on,ad.jacent,viOinal or proximate to <br />SUCh ~ortion of said street to a distance baCk from the mar- <br />ginal""lines tl1erSof as ,rovi1ed by law." <br /> <br />section 5. Tnat said iM~rovement Shall be made by the City ot <br />AUburn under the supervision of the City Council thereof or suoh <br />committee or persons as the City Council may designate. <br /> <br />section 6. That there is hereby establiShed. in the treasury ot <br />the City of AUburn a fund to be known as "Local ImJrovement Fund, <br />District ~o.82"; that all moneys Jaid into the treasury of the City <br />at AUburn on account of tIle cost and >3xpense of imlirovements in said <br />district Shall be paid into and cred.ited to said t'und,and that aJ.'1 <br />warra,nts dravm or issued by the City at AUburn in :@ayrnent for im- <br />provements in or expenses against said district sJ:lall be drawn up- <br />on and ,?ayable from said fund. <br /> <br />section 7. :r:ayment for said improvement Shall be ma.1e in the <br />first instance by warr:.nts drawn u~on said local improvement fund, <br /> <br />