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<br />.. <br /> <br />~-_# <br /> <br />.. <br /> <br />'.,.-.- <br /> <br />ORDI1:\Al~OJ: ~O..549.. <br /> <br />. - __" _. _._4 <br />. . . . . . <br /> <br />A"fI ORDI~A1\Oll:, declaring a JUb-lic emergency to exist requiring tl <br />the ex:,penc11 ture, trom the water :.rund of the City of AUburn, for the <br />IurohaSe of 1ron water luain ,iJes,ot moneys not ~rovided tor in <br />the bUdget tor the year -1924, ~st 1mat 1ng tIlE! amount of moneys re- <br />qu1re1 to_ meet aucn emergency,and directing that BUCh ,vater mainS <br />JiJes be ,LDurChase1. and tlmt emergency warrants be 1.ra.wn u190n th(l <br />water tund of the City ot AUburn in payment theretor. <br /> <br />The Oi ty Council ot the City ot AUburn do or1a1n as tollOW'S: <br /> <br />section '1. Tnat the following are facts: that tIle budget of <br />estimate1 expend1turea from the water fund ot the City ot Au- <br />burn 1.uring the year '192lJ., which budget was d.uly adoJted by the <br />City Counc1l 1n october,1923,conta1na tIle following item,vtz: <br />HR~lac>?'ment ot nlainS- - *14l3.lJ.4",and tl1.B.t no other 1tem for <br />or Which might include eXiJendi tures for iron '\Va tar pi:..;e mainS <br />for the water workS system of tIle Oi ty of AUburn was includ.ed in <br />SUCh budget; it has become the fixed JOlicy of the City of <br />AUburn,when a street or portion of a street in such city is about <br />to be pa.ved an1. a wooden water main ot SUCll city is then in use <br />in t:tle street or portion ot the street about to be ,aVed an'.! such <br />:pavement woul'.! tJe over suCh wooden water ma1n to replace and SUb- <br />stitute iron water mains for th.e old woo'.!an ,vater mains 1n the <br />street or port"_on ot a street about to be paved; tllat When SUCh <br />bu1.get was prelVar~d and adopted. it was est ima te1 by tIle ci ty o~- <br />tic1als ot said city that a limited quantity of iron water luain <br />pi,s waul'.! be purchased during the year -192JJ. tor the purpose of <br />replacing worn out wood.en pi,e mains and wooden }lipe mains in <br />str'?ets or portions of streets about to oe IJaVed; that recentlY <br />petitions tor the imnediate paving ot a large number of streets <br />in tile C 1 ty ot AUburn 11ave been file1 with tIle 01 ty C lark, WhiCh <br />petitions are s1gnei by the owners of a major1ty of the property <br />to be aftect9d. therebY and abutting upon the stre'.~ts proposed to <br />bE! paved.,and tllat such petitions call tor the ,av1ng of streets <br />in the City of AUburn, in W'tl.ich wooden water rna1ns are nowla1d <br />and. 1n usa, over such wooden water ma1ns as nowl~cated,grea~~y <br />in excess ot tItS 13aving oontem~lated at the time ot mal<ing such <br />budget,and considerably in excess of tlle ~i!aving contemplated at <br />the time When Ordinance ~0.520 of the ordinances ot ths City ot <br />AUburn,1eclaring a JUb11c emergency to exist an'.! directing the <br />purChaSi~ of 5000 feet o:t.Y1ron ,vater JiJe and. the isauance of <br />energenoy warrants in Jayment therefor, was pass ad and a~Jroved; <br />tlla t such new and unforeseen paving renders it ex,oo.ient that <br />tile city at once purCbaSe,for use in its water main system" <br />( Cf () Q feet ot 14-" iron li,e and boo feet of 8" iron pile, in <br />addition to tlH~ iron water :piJe hereinbetor9 provided tor; that <br />tile necessary amount of the 8XJend1 tures tor the Jurc~E1 ~ ~~.~~ <br />such add1tional ~ ~~Q9teet of iron wat'9r ma1n p1Je,,1a -l ~Oo.J' \) <br />and that by reason of the foregoing facts a pUblic emergency new <br />exists tl~t could not reasonably be foreseen at the time of ~ <br />lng S'zlph bUdg. at, requiring the expend1 ture of th<>>~... estimated sum <br />of t :t:.$(J 0 trom t11e water tund of sai'.! city for SUCh ~ SO c <br />teet ot 1ron water ma1n ,1,e,~c\ ~ ~~I ~lIf"\#"~'_ <br /> <br />Section 2. T"nat the "< b~() c, teet of 1ron watsr main ,iJe s,e~ <br /> <br />ified in section 1 of thiS Or'.!inance be ordered and ,urchased by <br />tIle City of AUburn,and that emergency warrants be drawn on the wa- <br />ter tund of the C1ty. of Slburn 1n payment therefor,~.{ ~ t-'f~ <br /> <br />,~. ~t~ ~ t'I ~lfi'- <br /> <br />,~ <br />, <br /> <br />~.. <br /> <br />