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ORDINAN CE NO <br />! AN O,R_I~.NA~.C~ ?f the. o~ of ~ ~oat~n~ a ort~on of <br />2 '~' s~ree~ southwest, on th· Petition of t~e Northe~ <br /> Pacific Railwa~ Comp~, and other~. <br /> <br /> WP~REAS, heretofore and on the Sd day of <br /> <br /> there was filed with the airy clerk of the city of Auburn, <br /> municipal corporation within King County, Washington,, a petit~n <br /> <br /> 7 signed ~y the ~orthern Pacific Railway Company, a Wl~ocnsin <br />8 corporation, and others, addressed to the city ~unoil ef the <br />9 city of Auburn and asking for the vacation of a portion of <br />lo "B" stx'eet southwest (formerly Railroad street) in the city <br />il Df Auburn, King County, Washington, as fully described in saAd <br />12 ~etition and aa hereinafter fully described; and <br />is WHEREAS, heretofore and on the 4th day cf May ,i9~, <br />14 ,t a regular meeting of the city council of the city of Auburn, <br /> held on said date, it was made to appear to t.he satisfaction <br /> <br /> 3f said city council that the petitioners signing said petition <br /> · e~e the owners of more than two-thirds of the private prop- <br /> ~rty abutting upon the portion of '~# street southwest (former- <br /> Ly Railroad street} So sought to be vacated, the cl~y council <br /> did then and there by resolution fix and designate Tuesday <br /> evening, May ~0,1922, at the hour of 8 o~olcok p.m., at the <br /> =ity hall in the oit~ of.Auburn,. EAng C~unty, Washington, aa <br /> the 'time and place when and where said petition should be <br /> <br /> xeard and determined; <br /> <br /> · Hr~u~AS, l~rsuant to the provisi0~s.~of said resolution the <br /> ~lty clerk of the city of Auburn did thereafter, and cn the <br /> ~-- day of ~ay, 1922, and more than twenty days prior to the <br /> date fixed for e~Ach hearing as aforesaid, duly give twenty <br /> <br /> days notice of the pendency of said petition by a written <br /> ~°~[ee set up in three of the most public places in said city <br /> <br /> <br />