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<br />~ <br />. <br /> <br />,. ~i. <br />-. <br /> <br />f)" ; <br /> <br />.~, :-. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />.. ..... <br /> <br />:' <br /> <br /> <br />(R'JnL'.!;G:! no. '745 <br /> <br />BY 000. No. <br /> <br />AN ORDm\lTVE relating to the mun1c1pl.l water suPPly sYstem <br />of the City of Auburn, to the use oi;' oity wOoter not connected with e. <br />meter for hosing, sprinkling e.n1 irri\.ge.tion purposes, to testing oity <br />water meters, to rates for metered water servioe, and providine for a <br />discount in metered water service in oase service be paid for on or be- <br />fore the ~Oth day of the mOnth when payment for such water service shall <br />be due, amending section 28 Of Ordinance roo 413 as amended by Ordinance <br />TIo. 635 of the ord inanoes of the v ity of Auburn, amending Seotion 29 <br />of said ~d:lne.noe No. 41:3, amend1ng Section 37 of said ordiMnoe No. <br />41Zas amended by ordinanoe No. 706 of said city, amending Section 47 <br />of said OrdinEl.noe No. 4.13 as amanded by Ord inanoe no. 492 of sa,1d 0 ity, <br />and further amending said Ordinance No. 413 by ad.d~ a new section to <br />b& knoVlnas section 39A. <br /> <br />:rRZ Cny COUnCIL OF T:!C CITY OF AUBURN 00 ORDAIIT AS FOlM:7g: <br /> <br />section 1. That section 28 of Ordinance No. 413 of the <br />ordinances of the City of Auburn, entitled "An ord manee relating. to <br />the munioipal TIater sUPply system of the Oity of Auburn, creati~ a <br />de:re,rtment for the City ot AUburn to ];Ie J;:nown llnd desi,o;nated as t7ater <br />DepartnentJ , oreat~ a fund in the treasury of the City of Auburn to <br />be l:nown and designa1led as "Jater J!'und', tlw offioe of ':::ater <br />superinteIldent, regulating the use of water from the munioipal wa..ter <br />St\.pply system of the C:j,ty Qf Auburn, providing .for the sale of glme, <br />:tixing the price thereQf and ];lr<1Vidin6 a. method of oolleotiI4'5 ratell <br />therefor, providing penalties for violations of this ordina.nce, anCl. re- <br />pe~lin6 a~l ordinances or parts thereof in oonflict herewith", passed <br />and approved !~Y' 18, 1921,. as amended by Ordinance Ho. 635 Of the <br />ordinances of said c1ty,be and the same hereby is amended 130 tJo.3.t as <br />amended said section shall ;'ead !loa follows: <br /> <br />"Section 28. \Ja.ter used for any of tM purpol;les <br />mentioned in the preoedinr, section fron o.ny servicll not con- <br />nected with a meter and delivered through a hose, l'mGt be <br />delivered, thr OUCh e. nos:z2e the orifice of Vlhich 113 in no <br /> greater than one-fourth (1/4}o:f en inoh in diatleter, <br />and said hose and. nozzle l'mst at a.ll times vhile water is <br />beinc del ivered thrOUCh same for the purpose ab ove mention- <br />ed be held in the hand of some person. a.nd no hose ht..vlnc an <br />inside diameter ereater t~\n three-fourths (3/4) Of an inoh <br />shall be used for wa.ter f.or such llurposes, a.nd nO <br />water shall be delivered t}-.rou"',h a hose unless the sa~e h'l.s <br />a nozzle attMhed ther. eto r_e here inb efOl'. e PrOVided. Irr~~- <br />tion TIUl be permitted on c. lot not More than suty (60) Oy <br />One hundred cnd tVlenty (120) feet, or its eq1.1,~valent urea, <br />used a.s e. la\7I1 or GU(1en I\n.'i occupied by a; used :ts <br />a dwell1ll;~, tOGether ;:;ith the r:1t;ht to UEle not ,;)are than one <br />(1) set of hose, provided said premises are ~;)'Ul& ar.nva.lly <br />not less than the minimum rete. The use of a~Qitionc.l hOse <br />or of \Ja.tar tar irr~ting !l. l~rC'er tr:'.ot than as !c':,',eoified <br />e.bove or on :premises paying less than the min1111U!1l r::.te v:1l1 <br />not be permitted, ~less suoh premises are ~pp11ed throueh <br />Ii. meter end the \':ater Plid tat' c.t meterrate-s fi1:ea 1;j' ardi- ' <br />ne.noo. The u~. ,Pi v:ater for irrieeting purposes throU{;h <br />eutomatic sprinklers i8 proh!biteA,unlasB the serv~ce to <br />VlhiQh suoh sprinklers e.I'e a,tkched. is Qonneot3d \1ith a meter. <br />'::0. ter may be delivered dO,U1' tbroueh such hose ttnd. nozzle <br />betr:een the hours ot six (€ L.nd nine (91 oJolool:: A. !I. and <br />between the hours ~ six (6 and nine (9 oJQ.looJ~ P. 1:., :pro- <br />vided that the city council ,in case Ilf emer~.llOcY, \'fhenever <br />the public se.fety, health. or the eq-q.table dJ.stribution of <br />m:.ter so d.emands. may d.irect the superintendent to cJ~--:.nce, <br />red.uoe or limit the tine above stated or to .lisoontinue the <br />use ot unter for the cbove llurpo,ses for. such time !'.nd in suoh <br />localities as in its jua.~ent public necessity dem~'s." <br /> <br />.' <br />