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<br />" <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />!1 . ., <br /> <br />-t . , <br /> <br />- <br /> <br />ORDTITA:~CE RO. 744 <br /> <br />AN CRDTI1ANCE, declaring a public emersency to exist re- <br />quiring the expenditure from the Current Expanse Pund of the City <br />of Auburn for perIll9.I1ent registration of veters durinp- the year 1933, <br />of moneys not provided for in the budget for the year 1933, estimating <br />the amount of moneys required to meet such emersency andl directing <br />tift:' emergency Vlarrants be drawn upon the Current Expense Fund of the <br />City of Auburn to meet such expenditures. <br /> <br />THE OITY CcurWIL C1' 'l'HE CITY OF 'lbBURN DO (!{DAnr AS FOLLC\is: <br /> <br />Section 1. That the follOWing are facts: On or about <br />Janu:-.ry 1, 1932 the City of Auburn purchased books and other supplies' <br />for the registration of voters in the City of Auburn under the then <br />existing law for the years 1932 and 1933: On November 8, 1932 the <br />people ef the state of ~7ashington passed Initiative Ueasure lio. 58, <br />providing for the permanent registration of voters and also providing <br />that the recistration officer of eaeh incorporated city and t~ln <br />shOUld preoure and epen on the first day of SepteMber, 1933 registra- <br />tion books and files far the permanent registration of voters: the <br />budget of estimated expenditures from the Current Expense Fund of <br />the City ef Auburn during the year 1933, which budget was duly <br />adopted by the City Co~~cil in October, 1932, contained no items for <br />books and files necessary far such permanent registratien of veters: <br />the estirrated cost of such books and files, and ether costs incidental <br />thereto, over and above moneys now available for such permanent regis- <br />trition of voter~ during the year 1933 is the sum of seventy-five and <br />no 100 Dollars (y75.00) and was not and could not have been anticipated <br />when the budget for the year 1937 was adopted and passed: and by <br />reasOn of the foregoing facts an emergency exists requiring the <br />expenditure during the year 1933, from the Current Expens€l Fund of <br />the City of Auburn, for such permanent registration books and files <br />and expenses incidental thereto, in excess of moneys n~l available <br />for that purpose, of the sum of Seventy-five Dollars (;,'15.00). <br /> <br />Section 2. That emereency warrants be drawn upon the <br />Current Expense Pund of the City of Auburn for permanent registration <br />bOOks and files in such amounts as may be necessary far such permanent <br />registration books and ffles and incidental expenses in connection <br />therewith, the total ameunt of such emergency warrants, however, not <br />to exceed the sum of Seventy-five ;)ol1ars (: 75.00). <br /> <br />INTRODUCED July 5, 1933 <br /> <br />PASSED u.nnnimously by the affirmat ive <br />vote of all Couneilmen present, <br />July \ ~ ,1933 <br /> <br />A:"::'RCVED July .Li..., 1933. <br /> <br />'~ <br /> <br />t~. . <br />iy erk <br /> <br />~~,~I.Pi <br />l:ayor 0 Tern <br /> <br />Appreved as to form <br /> <br /> <br />Published July "1.. \ ,1933. <br /> <br />/ <br />