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<br />...~ <br /> <br />.."l., .... <br /> <br />. <br />, <br /> <br />. <br />l <br />\;. <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />~ " <br /> <br />CIl.DINANCl!: NO. 746 <br /> <br />All ORDINANCE relating to peddlers and h$.wkers and amending <br />Sections 4 and 5 of Ord1nanoe No. 711 'of the ordinanoes of the City <br />of Auburn. <br /> <br />THE CITY COmrQIL OF TIlE CITY OF AUBURN no CRPAnT AS FOLLOws: <br /> <br />Seotion 1. That Seotion 4 of Ord1Mnoe No. 711 Of the <br />Ordina.noes of the C:j.ty Qf. .Auburn ent.itled: "An Ordinance,"to l10ense <br />peddlers ana hawkers w1th1nthe -City of!.utiurn, fo:!;' the purpose of <br />regulation and revenue, and providing Jlenalt1esfQrthe,t~onof <br />any of the provisions thereof, and repea,.l1n,g seotions th'i'ee, s1x.~ <br />seven and nine Of Ord1Ilanoe No. 199 of the City of Auburn, entitled <br />'An ord.1na.noe to provide revenue, and to tax a. nd 11Q~nS8 oertain <br />vocations, to fix the amcrant at such tax or l10ense ,land to make <br />prOVision for the oollection thereof) to make 1t penal to carry. on <br />any of the vooations mentioned ,Hthout first ~y1Ifg Buoh tax and <br />obta1ning sooh lioense, prohibiting oertain nuisances, and to provide <br />for the proseout ion for all violations of this ordinanoe, to pr wide <br />the punishment for all such viole. t1ons. and Ordinanoe No. <br />84, of the ora. 1nanoes of the TOWIl Of Auburn,' and all other ordinanoes, <br />and parts of ordinanoes, in conflict therewith" be $Jnended SO that <br />as amended said Seotion -4 shall read as follows: <br /> <br />"seotlon 4. That the license fee tobe paid by <br />any person desiring to engage in the bUSiness of peddler, <br />as det1ned in Section 1 of this ordinance, shall be Three <br />Dollars (~3.00) Per4ay, or it the license sought to be <br />. _prooured to engage,,1n the business of peddl~r, as afore-' <br />said, is for the period of One month, the lioense fee <br />shall be Fifteen Dollars (t>15.00) per month, provided, <br />however. that no 1ioense 'shall be granted for a longer <br />periOd than one month." <br /> <br />Seotion a. ~}1.a.t SeQt10n 5 of said Ordinanoe No. 711 be <br />amended SO tna, t as amended said SeotiOn 5 shall read as follOWs: <br /> <br />"section 5. That the lioenae fee to be paid by <br />a.ny person deslritlg to engage in the business of hawker, <br />as defined, in Section 2 of tAis ordi,nance, shall be Three <br />Dollars (t3.00) per day, or if the lioense sO'rlght to be <br />prooured to engage in the business o:f a. hawker, as afore- <br />said, is for the period ot one month, the lioense fee <br />shall be Fifteen Dollars (C15.00) per month, provided., <br />however, .~hat no lioense shall be granted for a loneer <br />period than one month." <br /> <br />Section 3. This ordinanoe shall take effect and be in <br />force five (5) days- from and, after' its .p&sl!iage, approval and publioa- <br />tiOn as required by laY{. <br /> <br />INTRODUCED <br />PASSED <br />APPROVED <br /> <br />A:tlgust 15, 1933 <br />A:ugust 15, 1933 <br />AuBust 15. 1933. <br /> <br />~ 10/" ,Oitr 01or' <br /> <br />/ . '. Approved as to FOJrm <br /> <br />Published ~\~i ' <br />August 18, 1933. <br /> <br />(~A <br /> <br />~~.~~ <br /> <br />a;~ <br />Day or <br />