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<br />r~11 ~, 1. ~ <br /> <br />,'" <br /> <br />() 'C ( <br />'f-.:'A-r-c--S~>lt~ ~ Ct2f'..l <br /> <br />2.-~3 . " <br />..~ ~~ ..t....-'-~!- <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />"CRDINAlWE lTO. rJ47 <br /> <br />AN CRDINANCE praviding for the lioensing of persons to. <br />a 0110 it or take orders far the purohase or sale Of eoao.s, wares or <br />merohandise within the corporate limits of the City af A.uburn, <br />when the goods, wares or merohandise are not delivered at the time, <br />and where advance payments are made be:lare the delivery thereof, <br />requiring the giving of a bond to the City of Aublll'D. as a oo.nditio.n <br />preoedent'" to. the granting ,of !Inch lioenses, fixmg the lioense fees <br />and providing penalties for violations hereef.' <br /> <br />THE C1!L'Y ComrcIL OF TlID CITY OF AUBURN DO mD.A.1N AS FOLL01NS: <br /> <br />Sectien 1. It shall be unlawful fer any person, firm or <br />corperation, either as, prinoipal or agent, to. e;olioit or take orders <br />for the purohase or sale of goods, wares or merchandise within the <br />corparate limits Of the City of A.ublll'D., where the gacds, wares 0.1' <br />merchandise are not delivered at the time, and wher~ advance ~yments <br />are made before the delivery thereaf, unless such person, firm or <br />i poration shall first abtain a license sa to do. as hereinafter <br />j p' ovided. <br />~I I <br />i \l i Seotion 2. Before any license sll,allbe issued for the <br />~'! \.. pcss specified in Section l'of this ordinano.e, the applicant shall <br />Ii \:1 \ e soute and deliver to the City ef Auburn a go.e~ and sufficient bend <br />, ,'; \ !'In the pel'J8.1 sum Of Two Hundred Jifty Dollars f...,250.00) , with a <br />~; :";~urety eampany authorizea. to de business in the state of Washington, <br />, :~, ~s surety, whioh bond shall be approved by the City Clerk and sh1.l.11 <br />I ; p"h c.onditioned that a'll g,o.eds, wares and merohandir;;e, far the sale <br />t~.' ~.:~ purchas~f af which -orders may be ta.ken,' ~on ..hloCh ~nce pa.yments <br />. .-. :.: 11 be made, wUl be delivered to. the purchaser withlJl the period <br />I S ,'-' f t1me and shall be af the kind a.nd quality specified a.nd agreed upon <br />t.: ~; lat the time af the taking af suoh arders, and if no definite time af <br />-----:..Jdelivery is specified at the t1me Of the tak~ of such orders, then <br />V1ithin a reasonable time. :;Iuoh bond shall contain e. provision that <br />it fis executed and delivered far the purpase Of Protecting persons <br />who. may arder gaods, wa.res and merchandise and make advance :payments <br />therean and shall inure to. the benefit af suoh purohaser~ and that <br />any such purchaser ooy bring suit therean for any los~ which he may <br />suffer or sustain by reason of any miscanduot or fraud on the part <br />f1! the lioensee or failure of the lioenS,ee t-o faithfully carry aut <br />the terms af the order solioited and ta.ken by such licensee. <br /> <br />c. <br /> <br />""/ I Sectian 3. The lioense fee to. be ~id for oarrying on the <br />,,; b: iness speoified in Seotian 1 of this ordinanoe sr.all be as fallows: <br />'i 1! the gaOds, wares and merchandise for whioh or4ers are being <br />1 sO 1cited and taken are at the time of taking doh orders:. situate in <br />i t' state af Wa.shington, and the business oonstitute. what is oOlllDonly <br />,':t<j .. own as intra-state business, the lioense fees shall be a.ll provided <br />~' . " . Ordipanoe :No.. 711 Of ,the ord inances Of the City of Auburn and the <br />I~'~~, d 1rta.nces of sdd City a.m, enda tory of ~ id OrdiDanceNo. 711: and if <br />i" \ ~ e goOds, wares and merchandise, at the time of the taking af such <br />i P deI'S, are nat situate in the state af Wa.shington and the business <br />g' '" onstitutes what is conmonly mown as inter-state bUsiness, then and <br />I j:.;: ~Q' the, t case, ,the lioense fee to be ,paid by the licensee "hElD- travel- <br />bi ~ on foot shall be Five Dallal'S (05.00) per month and Twelve and <br />~!..- "-' 0 100 Dollars ($12.50) for the term af three months and when using <br />- vehiole shall be Ten Dallara ($10.00) per month a.nd Twenty-five <br />Dollars (S25.00) for a Period of three months, prOVided, however, that <br />no license shall be issued for a term af less than one month. <br /> <br />- <br />