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<br />... <br /> <br />(: "I <br /> <br />.. -- "'" <br /> <br />. <br />" ,f ~ <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />atDmA.NCE no. 748 <br /> <br />, AN ORDnIA.NC~: Authorizing e.nd direoting the }!l.yor and <br />City Clerk of the City of Auburn to sign, execute a.nd del1ver on <br />behalf of the- City of Auburn ana under the offioial sea.l of said <br />oityan "Applioa.tion for state Grant in Aid", in quadruplioate, <br />addressed to Direotor, state of Uashington Emergenoy Relief Admin- <br />istration, whioh appl1oation in qua.drupl1oe,te 1IlI.s mlled to the <br />City of Auburn by the King County Welfare Board under date of Jul.y <br />29, 1933, andwhioh e.ppl1oat1on ia for the allooa.tion to the City <br />of Auburn, by the 3tate. of Uash1ngtonRel1ef Ad.m1niatrat1o,ll of <br />$12,000.QO for the 1mprov~ent of the munioipally ONned water works <br />system of 8&id oity: deolaring a publio emergenoy to exist requiring <br />the expenditure from the _tel' fund of the City a! Auburn for wn.ter <br />works imprQvements of moneys not provided for in the budget for the <br />year 1933, in l1ddition to a proposed eJ.looation of moneyS to said <br />oity by the state of Washington Relief Administra.tion,and est1ml.ting <br />the amount of moneys required to meet suoh emergenoy; direoting that <br />suoh vm.ter works improvements be made in oase suoh a.pplioation for <br />state grant 1n aid is gran1;ed and that emergenoYVJ&rrants be drawn <br />upon the water fund of the City of Auburn 1i1 pl!l.yment therefor' <br />authorizing _the City Treasurer to sell, at ~, and del1ver its <br />series 13 $ munioiPQ.l water extension fund bonds dated De4ember 1, <br />1925, nOlI held bt'the City a! Auburn to the oredit of its _ter, <br />fund numbered 2'1, 2~, 42, 43, ,*, 45, 46, '49, 50, 51, 52 and 53: <br />MIl authorizing the 1J.ti::l.yor a.~ Pity Clerk of the Cit"1J of Auburn to <br />enter into a written oOiltraot on behalf of said lS-lty wlthsaid State <br />of Washington Relief Administration for the advanoement and exPendi- <br />ture for suoh _tel' works 1:mprovements of a total sum U1> to but not <br />exoeeding ';24,000.00, the City of Auburn and Rolie:f Administra- <br />tion mtching dollar for doll~ for suoh expenditure~. <br /> <br />THE CITY COWCIL OB' 1m: cny OF AUBUtUl DO ORDUn AS . . <br /> <br />FOLLONS: <br /> <br />., seotion 1. That the following are fact.: The munioipally <br />ownedl water system of 1rhe City of, Auburn inoludee severa.l miles of <br />woOd water mains whioh Mve beoome Weakened with age and. which it <br />will be neoes8&ry to sOOn replaoe with new w&,ter mains. It has been <br />represented to the City of Auburn and its offio1Als that the stnte <br />of Washington Emergenoy Relixf Administration my advanoe to a" jd <br />oity, ae a. gift, the sum of v12,OOO.00 for the improvement of S!\1d <br />munioipally owned water system in Oase the City of Auburn wUl <br />expend from its own funds an equa.l amount for suoh improvements. <br />The City of Auburn ~s now in its possess1on and is the owner of, <br />to the credit of its we.ter fund J its series B ~ munlC1ipal water <br />extension f'und bonds dated. Deoember 1, 1925 as follows: Bdnds <br />ntlmbered 27 and 28, ue.tU1!1ng 1n the year 1938; Bonds numbered 42 to <br />46, both inolusive, mturing in the year 1941; and Bonds numbered <br />49 to 53, both inolusive, mturing in the year 1942: lw,v1ng purohased <br />said bonds from the or1P:~l purohasers thereof from said oity. The <br />monllYS inoluded in the '6udget of estimated expenditures from the <br />1f__ter f'n11d of el.\id oity du:L'ing the year 1933, which budget we.s duly <br />e.dQpted by the City Council in Ootober, 1932 for improvements to <br />its munioip,.lly ourned m\ter sYstem e.nd reple.oements of water lll!l.1ns <br />has been practioally all paid cut and exhausted. Under date of <br />July 29, 1933 the lUng County \7elfare Boa.rd miled to the City of <br />Auburn, in quadruplioate, an "Applice.tion for State Grant in Aid" <br />addressed to Director, state of Wash1ngton Emergenoy Relief Adminis- <br />tration, which applioation is for the allocation to the CitS' ~ Auburn <br />, bY' said state (f Washington Emergency Relief Adm1nistration of <br />$12,000.00 for the J,mprovement of said water works 6tstem. A consid- <br />e~ble number Of the inhabitants of the CitY' of Auburn are nOW un- <br />employed>> unable to obtain employment in any ge,inful. pursuits. The <br />City Oounoil of said city is of the opinion that the expenditure <br />