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<br />.... <br /> <br />> <br /> <br />1':. . r.. <br /> <br />,. <br /> <br />ORDINANCE NO. 751 <br /> <br />AN ORDINANCE, decla.ring a public emergency to exist requir- <br />ing the expenditure from the Current Expense Fun! of the City of <br />Auburn for proteotion agl!'.inst fire and for the fire department of <br />the City of Auburn iuring the year 1933, of moneys not prOVided for <br />in the budget for the year 1933, estimating the amount of moneys <br />required. to meet Slloh emergenoy and direoting that emergenoy warrants <br />be drawn u;pon the Current Expense Fund of the City of Auburn to meet <br />suoh expenditures. <br /> <br />THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUBURN DO ORDADi AS FOLLOWS: <br />_ ~~ _ ~/JCf 'ftJ <br />Seotion 1. That the fOllOWing are fe.cts: Of the $3-;65i-de <br />for aalMi..II1'l T.I~~"r::>g8S alii maintenance and operation of the fire <br />iepartment of the City of Auburn for the year 1933, iuly budgeted <br />by Ordinance No. 730 of the ordinanoes of said City, whioh ordinance <br />was :passed and approved on October 4. 1932. there now remins un- <br />ex:pentiea. the sum of $103.21: un~1d bills and olaims the <br />City of Auburn in favor of the fire department of saii City On <br />acoount of a fire whioh recently burned a. portion of the buildings <br />generally known as Borden's Condensed MUk Plant in the City of <br />Auburn total approximately the sum of i131.00: it is estimated that <br />it wU1 be necessary for the City of Auburn to payout and expend <br />from its Current Expense Fund, during the reminder of the year <br />1933, the su.m of $ J 00.0" for salu.'lca aM .,............. maintenance <br />and operation of ~d fire department in excess of the moneys budget- <br />ed as aforesaid for the,t purpose: and by reason of the foregoing <br />faots an emergenoy exists requiring the expend iture during the year <br />1933 from the Current Expense Fun! of the City of Auburn, for an'~..-ies <br />aM W&8U ~D~ maintena.noe and operation of said fire department, in <br />exoess of moneys nOW available for that purpose, of the SUJIl of <br />$300.00 . <br /> <br />- <br />seotion 2. That emergenoy warrants be drawn upon the <br />Current Expense Fund of the City Of Auburn for se.ll.!':l.e.., au! "~I!'>g" ......4 <br />lIl\intenanoe and operation of the fire department of said oity in suoh <br />amounts as may be neoessary, the total amount of such emergenoy <br />warrant s, however, not to exoeed the su.m of $ .3 0 0.00 , <br /> <br />INTRODUCED October 17, 1933. <br /> <br />PASSED unanimously by the affirmative <br />vote of all Counoi1men present, <br />November 7. 1933. <br /> <br />APPROVED <br /> <br />November 7, 1933. <br /> <br />A~ <br /> <br />aA~. <br />yor ~If","" <br /> <br /> <br />APPROVED AS TO FORM <br /> <br />~~~.~ <br />, . A ~orney' <br /> <br />Publishei November 10, 1933. <br />