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<br />1'. ,.~ ;) <br /> <br />"# ' i <br /> <br />~ <br />"-... ...~" <br />'.i" ~ <br /> <br />. <br /> <br />, ' <br /> <br />. <br />, <br /> <br />CRDD;.'.::CE rro. 753 <br /> <br />.All CRDnrANCE relating to theh8.ndl1ng and Belline Of oertn.1n <br />beers, ales &,nd wines within the oorpora.te 110itu of the City of <br />Auburn, and amending Seotions 1, 2, 7 and 9 of Ordinanoe ~o. 741 o:e <br />the ord!nanoes of the City o:t .\uburn. <br /> <br />TIlE CITY cowan OF THE CITY OF AUBURN DO ORDAm AS ll'OLLO''7S: <br /> <br />seotion 1. Ttat seotion lof OrdinanOe no. 741 of the ordin- <br />anoes o:r the City of Auburn entitled "AN ORDnrAnCE providing for the <br />11oens1nl, for the purpose of regulation and revenue, oertain persons, <br />f1rms r:md oorporations to handle and sell oertain beers and light <br />wines within the oorporate limits of the City of J"uburn, prohibit1:ng <br />the oarrYi!l6 on 0:( suoh bus1nese V'11thout Blloh lioenses and l'reeorlb1ng <br />penalt1es for tb.e violations of this ordinanoe" be and the same- hereby <br />is amended so that as amended said Seotion 1 shall read as follows: <br /> <br />"Seotion 1. That the words "beer, ale and wine" wherever <br />used in thiS ordirlanoe shall 1nolude beer, ale and wine as ehaU. ~ve <br />an.alooho11o content of less than fonrteen per oent (14;:) by volllllle: <br />tl)at the words "beer parlor" wherever used in this' ordinanoe shall be <br />held l\lld oonstrued to be a regularly- established plaoe of business <br />where suoh beer, ale Il,nd wine 1II!l.y- be sold to be dra.nk Ul'on the premises <br />e.nd, or, in bottles to be removed therefrcn: that the words "beer <br />merohant" wherever used in this ordinanoe shaU be held and oonstrued <br />to be e. person, .firm or oorpora.tion having e. regularly, &stabl1shed <br />plaoe of bus1noss wherll and frQII whioh such beer, ale and vine may be <br />s-old in bottles alone' and 'sUCh bottles not be to ope~ed e.nd t!1.e -con- <br />tents not t<l be dra.nk upon the premilles." <br /> <br />'''seot-ion of. ' That- Seotion 2 of Ord..1nance IiOi 741 of th& <br />ordinanoes of the City of Auburn be and. the same hereby is amended eo <br />that as amended said Seotion 2 uhall read as io,llowa: <br /> <br />, "Seotion 2. That it shall be unlawful for any person, <br />f1rm or oorpQratlon to sell or offer to'sell within the <br />limits of the City of Auburn any boeX', ale and wine as <br />hereinbefore defined without f1rst having procured from the <br />City of Auburn a lioense ao to do as hereinafter provided." <br /> <br />Seotion 3. !I'hat Seotion 7 of Ord 1nance No. 741 of the <br />ordinanoes of the City of Auburn be and the hereby is amended eO <br />tMt as amended said seotion 7 shall read as follovls: <br /> <br />"Seotion 7.That the lioense permit to sell beer, ale <br />and w1ne as herein dei1ned shall be substantially in the! <br />follOWing form: <br /> <br />'To Whom it my Conoern: <br /> <br />"Know ye by these pr.esents that the Clt:( of Auburn, <br />in the County of K1ng, sta.te of \'lash1ngtOl1:, hae <br />l10ensed to eel1 beer, ale <br />and wine by oonduotinB a beer ~rlor, or business e.s <br />a beer merchant as prOVided by ordinanoe No. 741 of <br />the ord1nanoes Of the oity of Auburn a.t <br />(glv1ng ~treet and number) for a <br />per10d of months from the 7th dlloy of <br />, 193 : that the eai4 <br />by tli8aooepte.noe of this lioense <br />has pledged thel10ensee herein named to oomPly fully <br />with aU, the prOvisions ot t/:1ft ordlnanoeW)der whioh <br />t'hi, 11oe11130 is ~nte4. and, t.bat tlle,' qe.ina 'is acoepted <br />subjeot to the conditions in said ordinanoe provided. <br />