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<br />~'~~ <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />( <br /> <br />. t:. <br /> <br />. . <br /> <br />," <br /> <br />ammAltCE NO. <br /> <br />,754 <br /> <br />. AN ClRDnlANCE praviding tor the 110ens1Dg, for the pnrpose <br />of reguJ,ation and revenue, and to lI$intain the peaoe, good gavermnent <br />Ilond of the City of Auburn t\nd its trade, oommeroe and <br />:fe.oturere, oertain persons, firms and oorporat ions to handle and sell <br />oertain intoxioating liquors within the oorporate limits of the 01ty <br />of Auburn, prohib1ting the oa.rrying on of suoh business without BUoll. <br />l10ense and presor1bing penalties for the violat1on of this orUMnoe. <br /> <br />TItE CITYCOUNcn OF THE CITY OF AI1l3URN DO ORDAIN 1-.S FOLLC\7S: <br /> <br />Seotion 1. TPa,t the words "intoxlo...t;ing 11quor" wherever <br />used in ordinAnoe shall inolude allsp1r1tuous, vinOUS, lI$lt or <br />alooho11o liquors oapable of be1I]g used as a w1th an alOC/M.HO <br />oontent Of fourteen per oent (14%) or more by volume: . that the worde <br />"11quor store" wherever used in this ordinance SMU be held and <br />oonstrued to be a regularly establIshed pl8.oe of business where sn.oh <br />intox1oat 1ng liquors Day be sold in bottles. oontainers or or1g1nal <br />pe.okages alone aI:ld suoh bottles, oontainers or or1g1na.l j;le.okll.gee not <br />to be opened upon the premiaes and the oontentll of any suoh bottles, <br />oontainers and or1g1rJal paokages not to be drank upon premil;les. <br /> <br />Seotion 2. That itahf,ll bel unlawf~ for any person, Urm <br />or oat"porat1on to. sell or offer to SitU w11;h1n Yh, lillits o:e.,the City <br />Of Auburn any intoxioating 1Iqllor a's hereinbefore' def1ned, without <br />f1rst having prooured from the C1ty of Auburn a lioense sO to do as <br />hereinafter prov14.ed. <br /> <br />Seotion 3. That nO' Hoeri/!~she,l1 be: iS$11pd 11.13 .herein pro- <br />vided fQr eo l.1Q.uor store. to be,carr1ed on inoonjunot1on with I%ny other <br />business whatsoever and no such lioense shall be issued to any person, <br />firm or oO:T:'Poratlon who is not or the members or etookholders of suoh <br />oorporation are not Alllerioan oitizens. . <br /> <br />Seotion 4. All aPPlications for lioenses aa herein. provided <br />shall be by petition signed by the al?Pl1oant or app110tl.-llts and filed <br />with the City Clerk; that suoh applioe,tio.n$ shall be ationoe referred <br />to the liOenee oa:Dll\ittee of the City Counoil of the City of Auburn; <br />and that no 110ense shall be isauad by the C1ty 00\1,11011 of the Oity ~ <br />Auburn \1,11Ul after such lioense Q0IllIII1ttee shall have reported to the <br />City Counoll, and then only upon the aff1rma.t1ve vote of at :tour <br />oounoilmen of ea14. City: eaid applioations shall set forth the Mille in <br />full of the perstlD or persans applying for suoh l1oenses, the k1n!! .of <br />110ense appl.ied for aM the plaoe where said lioense 1s to be used, <br />givinp: the exaot location of ~1d plaoe, and shall be aooompe.n);ed by <br />a oer'Hfied oneoll: payable to the City of Auburn in the sum of \ilOO..OO. <br /> <br />seot1on 5. Lioense feea for the oonduoting of a "l1qn.or store" <br />e.s hereinbefore defined shall be at tb.e rate at ~500.00 per annum. <br />payable semi-e.nnual1y in a.dve.noe; that all lioense fees shall be ~1d <br />to the City Treaaurer of the City of AUburn 1n advanoe and before the <br />issuing and. delivery to the. l10enaee of the lloense applied tor. <br /> <br />seotion 6. T hat all l:\.oenses issued under the prOVisions <br />of th1s ord~oe shall be unassignable. <br /> <br />Seotion 7. That the lioense permit to sell 1ntoxioat1ng <br />liquor as herein def1ne(l shall be sUbsta.ntially in the following form: <br />