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<br />'0 ~._~ <br />, "'".~, ~ <br />; , ,'.~;:;-'~- m" ;;....-:---..;- 3 <br />.';';" . "':v:,'.j~ "-~ - Z,3- 9:;)- <br />'. .,,;~,);,~..:. ' <br />'.' ..tlj~;.) ..,..~:." <br />-.!{,.'<'.- )~~~ \' -" ~!~1 ',,' -oj-, <br />:"l::WS-; ( j . '" "...! "" . ," 1 l> ,'" 1 <br />)1" . , L' '. . , <br />,...~ <br />. - ',.' ------ . --- <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />FINAL <br />MITIGATED <br />DETERMINATION OF NON-SIGNIFICANCE <br />SEP.OO38/0039.89R <br /> <br /> <br />DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSAL: The proiect involves site preparation and subseauent olattinl! of an 84.4- <br />acre site for a 1O-lot industrial develooment. The proposal includes: the construction of "p' Street NW throul!h <br />the site: half~street imofovcments to South 285th Street: l!radinl! and filline:: wetland mitiQation: storm drainage <br />facilities: utilities: and roadway and rail improvements. <br /> <br /> <br />PROPONENT: Bruce W, Sollv Devcloomcot COOloaov. Ioc. <br /> <br /> <br />LOCATION: South of S. 277th Street (52nd Street NW) and north of S. 285th Street (44th Street NW) <br />between the Burlington Northern Railroad (BNRR) right-of-wav and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) <br />rig:ht-of-wav. <br /> <br /> <br />. LEAD AGENCY: City of Auburn <br /> <br />The Responsible Official of the City of Auburn hereby makes the following Findings of Fact based upon <br />impacts identified in the environmental checklist and the "Final Staff Evaluation for Environmental Checklist <br />No. SEP-0038/0039-89R", and Conclusions of Law based upon the Auburn Comprehensive Plan, and other <br />Municipal policies, plans, rules and regulations designated as a basis for the exercise of substantive authority <br />under the Washington State Environmental Policy Act Rules pursuant to R.C.W. 43.21C.060, <br /> <br />FINDINGS OF FACT: <br />1. The project involves the preliminary platting of an 84.4-acre site for a 10.101 industrial development. <br /> <br />The proposal also includes the construction of nine buildings which may occur in two phases. Building <br />construction will consist the'following approximate square footages: <br />Lots] and 2, Building F-3]8,144 square feet; <br />Lot 3, Building 1-129,600 squarc fcet; <br />Lot 4, Building H-175,488 square feel; <br />Lot 5, Building G-86,208 square feet; <br />Lot 6, Building C-136,244 square feet; <br />Lot 7, Building B- ]55,644 square feet; <br />Lot 8, Building A-155,644 square feet; <br />Lot 9, Building D-77,184 square feet; <br />Lot 10, Building E-77, ]84 square feet. <br />Approximately 640,728 square feet would be developed in the first phase and 670,612 square feet in the second <br />_ phase. <br />