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EMERGENCY PROCLAMATION NO. 2009-1 <br />A PROCLAMATION BY MAYOR PETER B. LEWIS <br />ISSUED PURSUANT TO CITY OF AUBURN <br />RESOLUTION 4519 WAIVING CERTAIN STATUTORY <br />CONTRACTING AND BUDGET REQUIREMENTS, <br />AUTHORIZING STAFF TO IMPLEMENT EMERGENCY <br />PURCHASING PROCEDURES PURSUANT TO CITY <br />CODE, AND TO MAKE CERTAIN ENVIRONMENTAL <br />DETERMINATIONS, AND TAKE OTHER STEPS IN <br />RESPONSE TO THE EMERGENCY <br />WHEREAS, after the January, 2009, record storm event, the U.S. Army <br />Corps of Engineers discovered sinkholes and rapid seepage of water through an <br />earthen abutment next to the Howard Hanson Dam up river from the City of <br />Auburn; and <br />WHEREAS, the Corps of Engineers recently warned of potential major <br />flooding while the dam is being repaired, and has warned that it is unlikely the <br />dam will be able to hold back flood level waters in a major storm, meaning - in a <br />worst case flood scenario - some 26,000 people would need to be evacuated <br />from the region; and <br />WHEREAS, the Corps has advised all down stream communities to take <br />advance measures to protect life and property and has set specific limits for <br />down stream communities to raise existing levies not to exceed a flood itow of <br />13,900 cubic feet per (CFS) second with three feet of freeboard; and <br />WHEREAS, the existing levee system within the Green River Valley was <br />only designed to protect communities from flows up to 12,000 CFS, as measured <br />at the Auburn gage; and <br />Proclamation No. 1 <br />October 8, 2009 <br />Page 1 of 4 <br />