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* <br /> crnr oF "` • <br /> AUBV l�l �I Peter B. Lewls, Mayor <br /> � WASH I NGTON �S west nAmn meet * a,buin wa 980ot-av98 *wwvir.aaGimwagov"* �53as1-�OOn <br /> EMERGENCY PROCLAMATION NO. 2012-1 � <br /> A PROCLAMATION OF EMERGENCY ISSUED BY <br /> MAYOR PETER B. LEWIS, PURSUANT TO RUBURN <br /> CITY CODE CHAPTER 2.75, EMERGENCY <br /> PREPAREDNESS, AND REVISED CODE OF <br /> WASHINGTON ("RCW') CHAPTER 38.52; <br /> EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT, VVANING CERTAIN <br /> STATUTORY CONTRACTING AND BUDGET <br /> REQUIREMENTS; AUTHORIZING STAFF TO <br /> IMPLEMENT EMER,GENCY PURCHASING <br /> PROCEDURES PURSUANT TO CITY CODE, AND TO <br /> MAKE CERTAIN ENVIRONMENTAL <br /> DETERMINATIONS, AND TAKE OTHER STEPS IN <br /> RESPONSE TO TIiE EMERGENCY <br /> WHEREAS, a severe winter stortn began on January 17, 2012 and is <br /> forecast to continue far severat days, affecting roadways and causing temporary <br /> closures of transportation routes due to hazardous conditions; and <br /> WHEREAS, because of the previous ice and snow, and in light of #he <br /> forecasted wind storm,4he City's resources are currently exhausted. <br /> WHEREAS, the impact of this storm afFects life, heatth, property or the <br /> public peace;and <br /> WHEREAS, the Mayor has detertnined that it is necessary for the City of <br /> Aubum to take adions authorized under Aubum City Code Chapter 2.75, <br /> Emergency Preparedness, and Revised Code of Washington ("RC1M� Chapter <br /> 38.52, Emergency Managemerrt„ including, but not limited to the definitions of <br /> RCW 38.52.010, the authorizations of RCW 38.52.070 and RCW 38.52:110, the <br /> liability immunity and indemnification provisions of RCW 38.52.180, et seq. <br /> Proclamatlon No. 2012-1 <br /> January 22, 2072 <br /> Page 1 of 4 <br /> �J$iJRN * MORE THAN YOU IMAGWED <br />