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_�. t _—_- _' �� .� ���_.._ <br /> ' 6n Ordineace grenting to the CHICAGO� MIIAI6IIl�E A�ID ST. P9UL AAZI�AY . , <br /> CO�dNY, ite eucceasora ead esaigas� tbe righti privilege <br /> snd authoritq to eonetruct� maiatoia snd- operate ia� elong� <br /> aeroee and wer cortnin public etreete and vaye in the City <br /> of AUBLIliN� Weahington� the neceeeary trolley, Ieeder end other <br /> eiree, togetder aith enpporting polea, encaora� g�rye <br /> and other strueturos� for the operationa ot the traine ead <br /> care of eeid Aai�lpnq Company through the Citp ot AUBUAN 'by <br /> eleetrie pover. <br /> Tf� CITY COIR�ICIL OF 'Il� CITY OF dUBURN DO OADAIDi AS FOLLOi19S: <br /> Sectioa 1. That the Citp ot 8nburn� 7Yaehington, da�ea hereby great to the <br /> i <br /> Chicago� Milaeukee aad St. Paul Aaileay Company� a oorporetion ot tbe 8tate of � <br /> �tiacenein, ite saeeeaeore and neeigne, the right, prlvi�ege and autaaritq to �� <br /> e6astruct� asintein and operute the neceesary trolley� feeder� eignal and pomer j <br /> I <br /> indieeting and limitiug trlree for the operation by electric pover of tbe railmaq i <br /> line of seid Chicago, Milvraukee and St, Paul Rail�ey Ca�pany ead Grego�Washin$- I <br /> I <br /> � toa Aailroad end Navigation Compsnyi exlendin6 from the northera to the southern <br /> limite of the City oY 8ubutro� nnd for that purpose to eonstruct, maintaw end <br /> opernte euan wiree in, slong, ecrose ead over the folloming atreete iatereected, <br /> croeeed or touched by eaid rsilvay line, goles, enchore and guya required for � �� <br /> e'quipping eaid reil�ey liae for operation by electric pov�a izt i'ire4 Street� , <br /> F vacated portiott ot laaple Street aeet of �iileeukee Aveaue,^the County Soad imme- i <br /> � diatela eeat af rieht of oav of Chica¢o. llilmankee ead St.Panl Hailvas Comeans I <br /> and eometimea kno�cn ea milwautee Avmue� e�ad-s+�e-� aa�a-' -+^°°' i^�°a+°'=,.�.r:=h I <br /> I <br /> D�'���fJO�! <br /> The eaid City of Auburn doee turther hereby groat to the seid Chicrzgo, <br /> Mi].waukee and St. Paul Sailaey Company, ita sucaesaore aad aeaigne� the right� <br /> privilege and suthority to locate� conetrueL and mainSain in eaid etreete and <br /> vey�e, all necesaary etrueturoa� goles, eachore and gup� wirea for the carrying I, <br /> � nnd eupporting oi eucu trollay, ieeder� eignal and pover inCicating a¢d limiting � <br /> �< I <br /> ;: �iree� eaid etructuresy polea� anchors end guy viree to be so loeated end msiateiaed � <br /> �' <br /> '` I <br /> i ae ��.o z......�a��� ��..�a��Iae.. .wn�.a war{;Q�� deecribed� 8IId LO't 8188�11BT8f <br /> __ 'Y _ <br /> Ssetlon 2. The eeid vriroe-enaLi oe cew-ioa �e:� otwoo oad elong said <br /> etreeta end �eye by meene of poles eecurely eet in the ground and gnyed eo as <br /> � to reader the eama aeSe; the polee on tne opposttA eiaes of the track to be coa- ' <br /> m <br /> aneeted togethar bq eyen airee which mill support a loagitudinal meaeenger vira, <br /> Q from Which the trolley Qire ie hung at a height of not lesa than taenty-four (24) <br /> feet above top of reil. Tbeae poles vrill eupport feeder and other rviree <br /> referred to above and runaiag perellel to the tracke, The poleo eupporting the <br /> , �. <br /> ��. <br /> � ` . <br /> � � <br /> c `~� . 1. <br />