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FINAL <br />ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT WEIS) <br />for <br />KERSEY III PRELIMINARY PLAT <br />City of Auburn, WA <br />Department of Planning and Community Development <br />The intent and purpose of this Draft EIS is to satisfy the requirements of the State Environmental Policy <br />Act (SEPA), RCW 43.21, and Auburn City Code 16.06, including the requirement to inform citizens and <br />government agencies of a determination pursuant to SEPA. This document is not an authorization for an <br />action, nor does it constitute a decision or recommendation for an action; in its final form, it will <br />accompany recommended action and will be considered in making the final decision on the proposal. <br />DATE OF ISSUE: February 11, 2005 <br />Paul Krauss, AICP <br />Director & SEPA Responsible Official <br />Planning & Community Development <br />