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CITY OF AUBURN FEE SCHEDULE <br />FEES FOR CITY PERMITS AND ACTIONS <br />Effective February 6, 2007 <br />A. Planning & Land Use Fees, Application Fees (Per Ordinance No. 5707, amended by <br />Ordinance No. 5715, Ordinance No. 5819, Resolution No. 3797, Resolution No. 3953, <br />Resolution No. 4070, Resolution No. 4117, Resolution No. 4143 and Ordinance No. <br />6077) <br />Applications for any action identified below shall not be accepted for filing until the fees <br />per the below schedule have been paid to the City. <br />Type Fee <br />Shoreline substantial development, conditional use, <br />Permit or variance $1,100.00 <br />Short plat application or amendment $1,250.00 <br />Short plat modification $250.00/request <br />Boundary Line Adjustment $350.00 residential <br /> $675.00 non-residential <br />Rezone (map amendment) $1,700.00 <br />Zoning Code text amendment $1000.00 <br />Conditional use permits $825.00 residential <br /> $1,100.00 all other uses <br />Conditional use permits -major adjustme nt $400.00 residential <br /> $535.00 all other uses <br />Mining permits $3,500.00 <br />Binding site plan $1,100.00 + $60/lot <br />Preliminary plats or plat alteration $1,100.00 and $60.00 per lot <br />Plat modification $250.00/request <br />Final plats $1,250.00 and $35.00 per lot <br />Variance $250.00 each single family lot <br /> $575.00 all other <br />Minor Hearing Examiner decisions not otherwise listed $500.00 <br />Hearing Examiner Decision Appeal $250.00 <br />Administrative temporary use permits $100.00 <br />PUD -major adjustment $2,500.00 <br />Site plan approval (PUD, residential) $1100.00 and $60/unit/lot <br />Site plan approval (PUD, nonresidential) $1100.00 and $60/gross floor area <br />Administrative use permits $850.00 <br />A prior City Code amendment eliminated Planned Unit Developments (PUD). The PUD fees included herein are <br />applicable only to the existing Lakeland South PUD. <br />Page 1 February 6, 2007 <br />