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CITY TOF LJ <br />V B Nancy Backus, Mayor <br />WASHINGTON 25 West Main Street * Auburn WA 98001-4998 * * 253-931-3000 <br />WATER EMERGENCY DECLARATION 2021-02 <br />A DECLARATION OF STAGE I WATER EMERGENCY <br />IN THE HIDDEN VALLEY/BRAUNWOOD <br />NEIGHBORHOOD, FOR THE PROTECTION OF <br />PUBLIC HEALTH, SAFETY AND WELFARE <br />WHEREAS, RCW 35.21.210 authorizes the City to control and regulate its <br />water supply; and <br />WHEREAS, RCW 38.52 and ACC 13.14 authorize the Mayor to declare <br />emergencies and to exercise emergency powers related to the City's water supply <br />including the implementation of water conservation measures when necessary to <br />protect the health, welfare and safety of the City's water users; and <br />WHEREAS, ACC 13.14.030 establishes different stages of water emergencies <br />depending on the immediacy and pervasiveness of a water shortage, and authorizes the <br />Mayor to determine the geographical area(s) of the City's water supply that may be <br />affected by a shortage and corresponding emergency; and <br />WHEREAS, by an agreement in 1990, the City accepted the water system <br />serving the Hidden Valley/Braunwood (HVB) neighborhood into its water supply. The <br />HVB water supply comes from a single well that has legally binding limits on its water <br />production amounts to serve the 12 residential customers. Given these legal and <br />logistical water supply limitations, the 1990 agreement included provisions requiring <br />HVB residents to (inter alia) restrict outdoor irrigation to a maximum of 7 properties at <br />Declaration 2021-02 <br />August 9, 2021 <br />Pagel of 3 <br />